I cast the poor mans faerie fire.

I grab a handful of the rubble and crap in the dark alley and throw it in steves direction. I want to try and get an idea of where he is. If I can I attack him even if it's at -4. BR to hit 11 hits ac 6. for 10hp
Critical fumble on Steve? He takes it, BR... 7. Miss. Steve yelps in surprise, drinks a potion, casts a spell, and disappears.

Your move, adventurer.
"look buddy the name is Marivhon. I don't care about any of that I just wanted to make sure you knew why you were dying."

BR 1 to hit. MOther fucker. Your go.
  Master Apprentice Steve APG Spills The Beans
"D'oh," says Steve, when you corner him in a dark Grito alley.

"Uh how's it goin Marion. Um... so I guess I didn't really kill that Skullbones guy. Are you gonna tell on me?" Steve looks pretty worried about it. "Actually I didn't kill any of those undead guys. That death knight just fireballed everybody. I guess I can't really cast fireball. And I just pretended a piece of lumber was a Fireball Staff."

Steve hangs his head in shame. "Sorry dude. It's just that everyone started getting excited and callin me a hero and stuff and I really wanted to be a hero. I didn't really know what to say. Then next thing I know, I'm Master of the Potion Guild and it was pretty cool. Like even this girl Vanessa said 'hey' to me. Then the Knights of Marmaduke show up and kill everyone, which was just awful, and I couldn't do anything about it. I guess I'm not much of a hero, huh? That sucks."

Your WI is pretty bad, but you get the sense that Steve is sincere on a WI check at +4, for whatever that's worth to you. "Hey look, if you just wanna keep this between you and me, I'll give you whatever potions you want?" For whatever that's worth to you.
ok rob,after training and I get back to Grito. Move silent 48 and Hide in shadows 18. made and made. I want to follow Apprentice steve until he's alone.

I want to sneak up on him and get behind him then cough. Then when he turns around I ask.

"So you didn't kill Lord Skullbones did you?"

if he hesitates I say.

"You get one chance to answer this right.."
  I Got Soul
The Augury is pretty clear: "No." It's also pretty clear that your Augury comes from Zelba's people, which is a little scary.

You confer with Grettin and Shettin. "Hmm." They throw some bones. "It looks like Zelba's got your nuts in a vice, so to speak. If you don't go after Master Vrill and his daughter, then, sigh, rebuild the temple, she'll just snuff you out. Grisbane can't do much about that. I mean, you walked into her home. She gets your soul, it's sort of how it works."

"It's not hopeless though. You probably should fulfill your part of the bargain. When a goddess commands you directly to do something, you should do that something. Makes sense to us. Once it's through, come on back and we'll Atone you, that should do the trick. Of course, Grisbane might have his own demands for the Atonement, but you can worry about that at the proper time."


While you're training, you can deliver your broadsword and the magic crystal to the famous blacksmith Fallsworth in Durth. He'll forge your sword good for 400 gp, and it'll be done by the time you finish training. That'll put it up to +2 I think, not bad.
Free special training?! Thanks Ron!

I don't suppose I can keep my 'fake' leveling hit point roll, can I? No, didn't think so... Here it is, BR:8. Yeah! 4 more hps, baby.

I am now specialized in hammer. Someday I am going to have a cool returning hammer like Thor. Then I can throw it and yell: Please Hammer, don't hurt em! -That's going to kick ass.

So, we need to rebuild the Temple of Zelba and dedicate ourselves to its success? Does that mean we get our souls back? Because if it doesn't then Zelba can take a hike. That whole "you will be mine in the end" seems like we have no choice.

I am going to try an Augury on that one: Will I get my soul back if I do kill Vrill and Abbey, and rebuild her temple? I also try to find Grettin and Shettin and ask him about it.

Let's steer clear of Greg until we are all trained.

Hey, can I find anyone who can add my +1 crystal to my broadsword?
  About Time
Okay, here's the leveling situation. Greetles made some wise insurance decisions that paid off when the KoA attacked, so special training costs are on him. Besides, I can't remember if it's 100 gp/level or 1000 gp. I think the latter, but it's all free this time around guys.

Brogg: I think you're at the glass ceiling for cleric, yes? But you can train to 5th in fighter. That's two lower on THACO and a new weapon prof.

Cinder: you can train to 7th.

Dave FoO: you can train to 7th. You've got a long way to go to 8th (about 50,000 more xp). This is also a drop in THACO and a weapon prof.

Marivhon: you can train to 5th, and you're about 3000 away from 6th. Okay, you go to Durth and train with the monks. Shi comes in every now and then, but mostly he's out of the monastary.

Renwick: you can train to 4th and 5th level. At each level, pick two spells and roll for 'em.


Mike 1k is nowhere to be found. Neither is Abbey nor Vrill. No one has word of M1k or Abbey, but apparently Vrill is a big hero leading a group of adventurers on a raid on the Knights of Armek in Greyhelm, so he's south of here. If you keep your ear to the ground, as you're taking a couple months to train, Vrill and co. actually come back up to the remains of Grito to reprovision.
I do! I special train prolly with the MOP. I try to find Shi or word of Shi. I already spent the cash and did my sheet. How much exp have we gotten since the whole temple of grisbane hello yadda skull fuck? Is Mike 1k around? Anyone seen Vrill and what the hell happened to Grito. After I finish training I have some stuff I'd like to do in Grito....I say we stay here.
  The Real Conclusion Of D2: Hello Airport
Okay, you push open the huge stone doors to the Temple of Zelba. All PC danger signs begin to go off like crazy... as you step into an enormous cathedral, you realize you are going to enter the presence of a god.

So you do. Seated on a throne of corpses, attended by shadows, is the Queen of the Dead, Zelba, whose visage is that of a ten foot tall woman with a skull instead of a head. You are awed into submission, no save. This is not the time to bargain or negotiate- you shut up and listen, as you really have no choice.

"Mortal worms. I know why you have come. I know of your enmity with Orcus, he who I hate more than the living above. I know you were sent here by one who shouldn't live, and you've freed one who shouldn't be alive."

"You will return to your world, flesh and bitter blood again. But this I charge you. The human Vrill that you freed, send him back to me, along with the other. The girl who sent you here- destroy her. Lastly, you shall rebuild my temple and dedicate yourselves towards its protection and success."

"Know this, o worms. I own your souls. I shall keep them. Do not forget my charges unto thee, lest to the worms you return. Enjoy your sweet short lives; you will be mine in the end."


Thus it was that Zelba, goddess of death, returned you to the depths of Grito. Sure enough, you are flesh and blood, not dead or undead. You're in the ruined temple of Zelba, below the temple of Grisbane. In the darkness, you see a strange, faint blue glow from far away. Lighting a torch, you proceed down a previously unseen hallway. This hallway is well-carved, different from the rough-hewn rock of the rest of the temple. There's a short stair down, and it ends in a door, which is what is glowing blue. The door is iron, with a small placard that reads "Office of G.V., Private. Keep Out." You try the door, but it's stuck... hmm. Renwick, on an IQ check, you think it might be Wizard Locked.

Anyway, back up you head to Grito. Grito is destroyed.

You heard me.

Not entirely... Shady Orchards still stands, for instance. But it looks bad, the rest of the village is smoldering ruins. There's still a lot of people here, but many of them are packing and leaving. Gregolas, Steve APG, Ronald Greetles, the whole gang is still around and happy to see you. But now you have a choice.

You can stick around and help fight off the Knights of Armek, who are apparently responsible for the destruction. Or you can leave with the villagers, who are heading towards Port Fflar to get on a ship to the next continent. The idea is that the KoA can't swim. Up to you. Either way, you can go ahead and train. Everyone levels.
  You Totally Denied A Guy His Rice And Beans
Wow that's a lot of damage clocked up over the past few rounds. Marivhon and Brogg, great job. With Renwick's support, you manage to destroy the huge gargoyle. Bonus xp for BMR. Cinder and Dave FoO, I'm just warning you now, there's going to be a combat coming up where some kids with Down syndrome are totally going to kick your ass and make you eat poop if you can't battle it out! Consider yourselfs warned.

This all wrapped up, you head into the temple...
well looks like on round 2 I have to save, a 20. I miss that round. The next round where brogg missed I hit for 7. So I'm still waiting for round 4. On round 4 I'll hit and then hit again, 12 points and then for 7 point.

"snap out of it Dave and Cinder, this thing will kill ya before you even know it.!"
BR:16. That makes every possible save.

Sorry bucko. Brogg doesn't give up that easy. I might be half-blood and half-classed, but I am a WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE!

Up in the Gargoyle's face, BR:2. Oof. I miss.

If I am around for the next round, BRs:11,5. One hit for 15 points.

C'mon boys, help a brother out!
  Don't Deny A Guy His Rice And Beans
Okay, the gargoyle's through fucking around if you're going to deal that much damage. Brogg, he comes at you for 12, and then does this move where he shoots metal out of his wings. Everyone make a save.
Hell no!

If that Gargoyle wants a burrito, he's got to get through me first! I AM SO FUCKING STRONG!!!


BRs:12,17. Two hits, for 27 points of damage!
  Free Rice And Beans
"Damn," says the gargoyle. "I could totally go for one of those carne asada burritos from that Mexican place a few Terminals down."

The huge gargoyle thinks for a sec. "Yeah. I'll be right back." He takes off to go get a burrito.
I play a tundra and tap for blue. I play a merfolk.
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