I'll buy some life preservers (flotation) for 1g if the ship doesn't already have them.

Ok, kick it off Robbie Dobbie Doobie.

And just to be clear, the Earth Buddy ("EB!") isn't in combat at all. If he's small enough he stays in my pack, I don't want him dying.
  Thaka Is Forever Memorialized In A Porcelain Throne
Alright, you guys hook up with the druids. The head druid is Archdruid Franco. Franco wonders if any of you have boating experience? They'll be leaving, conveniently, right after you finish training, to intercept the Whaling Guildship Screwdriver.


Tut, the Spiderbot is fixed, up and runnin' good. In other news, it's not hard to find out that the Megido Bros. are the hot new producers on the scene. 'Their remix' of PotionBack is number one. Word is they've got a deal with Gwen Stefani and are probably going to release a track with Mariah Carey to help her struggling career. They work out of an Orbane production house. Or maybe Gorgos?

Okay, you start building Thaka Toilets. Toilets are in pretty high demand. You can use the Thaka Toilets to fund the Twilos Robot Factory, and start to rake in the cash. Give yourself 10 gp.

Alright, you've got a 1 HD earth elemental. Actually, he's pretty butch, given that you need +2 weapons or better to hit him.

As for metal... well, nothing obvious comes up.


Thren, again I'll remind you to take a look at 1E PH/UA mage spells, as I'm pretty sure Alter Self if not magic-user, and I'm not sure See Invis is or not.


Remember guys, you're back in the real D&D world, so if you want to buy real equipment and get rid of crappy -1 weapons, go ahead. Speak your Stygensport peace before we move back onto boats...
OK, let's start from the beginning.

1) We hook up with the Braveheart Druids and get involved in ramming the pirate ship. This should involve boarding and lots of hand to hand combat with humans...giving us the chance to NOT get diseased, and get some usable loot. Also, we can loot whatever the pirates were smuggling, and, ideally, keep the ship for ourselves so we can travel wherever we want.

Let's rest and restock (new Betterberries for all) and sign on for the ramming mission.

2) I want to stay in touch with Stavos. I want him to be a continuing plot line.

3) Is spider bot back online?

4) I need a source of metal.

5) Drop your nuts and move your butts, H3 begins, KT style.
  Theodore Koppel
Alright Mr. Tut, you drive.

But, where are we going? -You seem interested in plenty of things. What do we do?

Hell yes. This is what I'm talking about.

TK, it's time you take a backseat and let the adults drive. I'm definitely into the Braveheart Druid scene and I am absolutely all about getting down with the DIY party scene and the 18/00 crew. "Big Ben, I'll say it again. Magic Sword!"

I buff up the spiderbot, say 20g? I'll send 20 to Stavos "Gots to pay the electric bill bro." Pocket the other 60.

I want to get into the smuggling scene, I want to get down with the druids...and what up with these pirates and the Narwhale? I don't dig boats, but I do have some outdoor nature-type stuff.

Lastly...MEDIGO BROS????????? I pay a reward of 10g to anyone who provides any useful information towards learning about these fools. I'd like to start another small business, can I spend 50g in some efficient way to hire a couple workers to build toilets, and maybe make an income of 5-10g a week or something? I mean I'm all about robotics, toilets, and small biz...So what can a brotha do with a little knowledge and some $$?

Oh, really lastly....Alchemy wise, I want to get that Poshun Guild started again...between the druids growing herbs and my CHA...what's popping?

EDIT: OH WOW? A baby earth elemental. I definitely want that. He and the spider bot can hang out and keep me company.
  A Letter From Stavos Vanilli
A message comes to your Holiday Inn:

hallo mr dear boss


whew! what a nite!!! it has relly been a roller coster ride ill tell you something!!! it was like august putsch all over agin!!!

all those dustmens come to factory all pissed and stuff. meybe simts dustmens!!!! they had a big robotnik machine to blow our house down!!!

i said hold on!! they say no way hose!!! i say yeah!!! but then this one big dustmen he meybe heer my accent and he says you latviski?? yes of course!!! he is ludza latviski and i am balvi its like we wer naybors!!!! so we had some vodka and made some jokes and i gave them little robotnik we just made that can walk backwards!!

talk about a close call!!!!!

mr norvald rockwall says hallo to the mr theoe koppel. actually haf of factory is the smashed from the dustmens machine but its ok.

twilos is twilos as i her them say!!! my best to you and your fine family i hope your kids are good!!!

back to work as they say!!!

mr stavos
  H3: Blood And Weapons And Tight Bitches
Sorry KT, I know you asked the same questions two or three times. Here we go:


Stygensport has some druids who worship Morrigan, Brigit, Braveheart, Oghma, and Cu "18/00" Chulainn. They tool around with some bards and barbarians, and seem to be involved in smuggling wildlife to the Orbane Zoological Gardens, a giant nature preserve and hotspot of druidic shit. They brew their own beer, which is fucking great, and hang out watching 'Braveheart' every weekend. Stygensport has a big DIY party scene, and the Braveheart Druids definitely have their share.

If you're looking for animals, work, or a ship, the smuggling operation may be the way to go. There are some Anti-Rangers and Pirates hunting a Killer Whale, and the Druids are doing like a radical greenpeace kind of thing- they've got a ship with a big-ass ram on it, and they're planning on ramming the fuck out of the pirate ship.

Of course, if they aren't your style, you could hook up with the Anti-Rangers and pirates, and go for it. Apparently they're also after the Narwhale Prince and his magic horn.


KT and Theo, message from Stavos Vanilli will be posted next, so it's likely that you already read it and know what's going on there. The letter comes from the Priests of Mercury, who run the messenger service around the Island Kingdoms.

As far as bandits and bars go, well there's the pirate thing above. You ask around about an arena, and that's when people start to recognize you. Turns out there are quite a few sports bars in Stygensport, and people watch the Bloodkeep events regularly, including John Romeo's Cold Cut Collective (pay-per-view). You get some free drinks and pass out some CDs. A couple of teenage chicks put on "PotionBack" on the jukebox, and you're about to start telling people, modestly of course, yeah that was you too, when you overhear one of the chicks say to the other "Oh I just love the Megido Bros.!"


You head on over to the jukebox, and sure enough, JT's PotionBack remix is not credited to you, but to 'the Megido Bros.'

Anyway, there's a haunted arena in Orbane. Might be worth checking out?


TK, okay you actually get 3 gp because it's a +1 scratch ticket.

The candelabra will get you all to Gorgos, or anywhere else you want to go. However, the swarthy sailor tells you that you'll be on your own in Gorgos- they're not sailing into that town. Sealed off to outsiders, except for a few boats here and there with special permission. So really, they'll ship you to Tzalbourg, and you can hoof it yourself across the island back to Gorgos.


Threnody, I doubt Alter Self is a 1E magic user spell... it's illusionist UA I think. Not sure about See Invis either.

The rough geode is magical and is in fact an earth elemental egg. Yes, earth elementals lay eggs, they're pretty rare, and if you open it up you get a baby earth elemental. 1 HD and he grows.

The leather pouch contains 1d20 +1 bullets, for a sling or for a gun.

The "+1" necklace is not magical, but worth some $$. You sell everything (except the dagger I presume), and everyone gets 100 gp. Go ahead and re-outfit as you want, with 1E PH prices.

Nael's Magic Tracer was discussed intensively on DiD Factory a few months ago... go over there and take a look.

Arrows and clothes, check.


Az, okay, you stop by the Temple of Apollo. A bit more impressive and staffed than in Twilos, but nothing like the massive museums of Orbane and Gorgos.

The high priest is Lord Galahein Ambrose. Stygensport, being a lowbrow, rainy city, doesn't have much love or use for Apollo, sadly. Lord Ambrose, though, is originally from Gorgos.

"Friend Azoth, if you're headed south to my beloved, destroyed birthplace, please check it out for me and report back. I've been unable to communicate with Gorgos, even via the glory of the Sun King."


So to sum up: you can go anywhere. Back to Gorgos is a plan, and there's some stuff going on here too if whale hunting, whale saving, or fucking with/being pirates sounds interesting.

Plus, you each have 100 gp.
I train and such... I get 2 hp.

I'll take a look at what's going on religion wise here in Stygensport. I feel a little bad about abandoning my congregation back in Twilos. Maybe we can break all those poor lost souls out of there later or something.

When I'm done scoping the temples and whatnot, I hop on the boat to Gorgos with Thren and Theo.
Thren you have 2 bonus 1st and 2 bonus 2nd, you will get a bonus 3rd when you can cast them. So you can memorize 4 1st level spells, and 3 2nd.

It will be nice when some poor bastard kills Thak's ghoul self and finds a writ of passage as treasure.
Hokay. Here's the loot:

From Therapist Jim:

three Rolexes
a pair of Nike 'Air Jordans' (slightly worn)
a potion!
a 9V battery
two Armani wallets
three 'People' magazines
a pair of false teeth
a shower cap
a giant "+1" gold necklace
+1 dagger of Lizard Man slaying(+1 dmg vs lizard men, and they get -2 on shit. It also seems intelligent enough to talk and have desires.)

Also, from the Gobot lair (culling the posts about what was grabbed):

A wand (wand of shuriken?)
glowing candelabra (continual light?)
glass vial of metal (gunpowder?)
rough geode.
leather pouch with unknown contents

We also grabbed a scratch ticket, but got that cashed in. Anything else? Anyone want to claim anything? What's the non-magic stuff worth?

Also, here are the rolls to see what spells I learn:

Alarm 95 DAMN!
Detect Magic (already got it)
Identify 67
Magic Missile 63
Nael's Magic Tracer Spell 19
Read Magic (already had)
Shield (already got it)
Sleep (already got it)
Summon Monsters I 53

Calm Gobot (roll yer level or below on 1d20 to calm a crazed gobot) 86 DAMN!
Fool's Gold 81 DAMN!
Levitate 16
Summon Monsters II 49
Web 74

What does 'Nael's Magic Tracer Spell' do?

My two new spells are See Invisibility and Alter Self.

Yeah, I'm down with a trip to Gorgos. I want to follow up on the Prince-Juicing Plan, as well. Plus, I'd kinda like to check how our remixes did on the charts, and maybe get a new studio set up somewhere.

Plus, I buy some arrows and a better set of clothes.

Hey - we said no double-spec bows, right? How's about "bitchin' shot" as an NWP - does an extra point of damage? I mean - not this level, I'm just thinking ahead.
  Theodore Koppel
Well, that's 5 more hps for me.

I gained 2 levels of thief? Really? Cool.

Stygensport, eh? Well, this sure beats Twilos. I guess I sort of abandoned my recording company. Oh well.

If it's all the same to everyone else, I'd like to catch a ship back to Gorgos. I think we should look into the GMI, and possibly the Prince Juice thing.

So, the Drow Cavalier is dead? That's too bad. I think she had a good heart. Maybe a bit confused, though.

Ok, taking the initiative, I head down to the docks and look for some passage to Gorgos. I hope the rest of the party will join me. Maybe we can use the candelabra as payment. I use my streetskillz to that effect, BR:2. Smoove.

Oh, and I cash in my scratch ticket.
Ok. What's going on at the local Druid's Guild? Any word from Vanilli? Any luck making money or contacts? Do the local guards have any brigand problems? Any recent kidnappings of wealthy people? Does the local tavern have anything going on (no rats)? Is there an arena that allows group combat?
  Can You Satisfy The Dagger's Lust For The Blood Of Three Lizard Mans?
Those of you who gain 3rd level fighter, your THAC0s drop from 20 to 18. You also each get a weapon prof. Thren, no such thing as triple-spec bow. Maybe you can just take a NWP in 'Triple Sec' and it's all good.


KT, sorry, MJ Young fails us with the druid spell list. I think you actually get 3rd circle spells this level. Someone with a PH, please tell Tut his spells.


Threnody, yeah mages get bonus spells from INT like clerics do for WIS. You will get one bonus 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. So yes, you're memorizing 3 1st and 2nd each day at 3rd level.

Here are the spells in the book:
Detect Magic
Magic Missile
Nael's Magic Tracer Spell
Read Magic
Summon Monsters I

Calm Gobot (roll yer level or below on 1d20 to calm a crazed gobot)
Fool's Gold
Summon Monsters II

Plus 1d10 blank pages. Inscribing a spell you already know takes 1 day/circle and 1 page/circle. You have to roll to learn each spell you don't know in the book (75% chance for each one), and you can add two more from gaining 3rd level. Learning spells in the book also takes 1 day/circle/spell.


Okay, so all the twins' stuff is magical, and some of Jim's stuff is. I forget what there is, so remind me if you have something you think is magic- we'll just say Thren IDs it all in the time it takes to train/learn spells.

Candelabra is continual light.
Metal shavings are gunpowder, 2d4 charges.
Shuriken wand is exactly that. Does 1d6 to everyone, save fer half. It's got 1d100 charges left.

Jim's glowing dagger is a +1 Dagger of Lizard Man slaying. Any Lizard Man hit by it takes +1 dmg and is in horrible pain (-2 to hit and stuff). The dagger tells you it really wants to kill 3 Lizard Mans.

All I can remember, but there must be more.


Paul, playing a monster would be fine. I was just thinking it'd be cool to have animal/monster PC rules in DiD Factory. A dog ranger sounds terrific actually. I'm not sure about a monkey mage... you might have to be an orangutan or a small yeti kicked out of his yeti tribe to prove himself or something. Or play a Harkuman by DiD Factory rules so we can playtest that.

Yeah, half xp is good. Or not quite half from where the other PCs are. This means you'll start with 4000 xp.

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Ummm . . . okay, yup, I get in the boat.

I forgot there was a boat to get into.

Hey there, Rob - what spells do I have in my book? I sure hope one of 'em is detect magic, and another is identify...

If I have either of those - I look at the loot. You know how it is.

HP? 2 for mage, 8 for fighter, for 5 more hp. I also get a point of THACO and more spells, right? I'm jazzed. For my NWPs? Why - I take 'sprinting' and 'identify lycanthrope'.

Hey - and what's the call on bonus spells? Do I get 'em as a mage? 3rd level was 2/1, but I'm pretty sure we were bumping that up - so I get 3/2, right?

And when do we get new weapon slots? I want to triple-spec bow, so each of my shots is instantly lethal. You know, aiming for the eyes and such.
I train and rest. I gain 7 hp. I want to find Stavos, repair and improve the spiderbot, and start another business...making toilets preferably, with robot butt-wipers.

I don't know what my spell progression is though.

Can Thak re-roll with 1/2 the xp of the group? I think that's better than brand new @ 1st level.

Then, I head to the local Druid's Guild, tavern and noble houses peddling my services and toilets. Any money to be made or adventure's to be had? Any good alchemists operating underground?

Wow spiderbot gains 8 HP. Go spiderbot!!!!!
  The Bittersweet Conclusion Of H2: Rats And Razors
Quit the game? Uh, I don't think that's on the table. If people are seriously dissatisfied again, let's just end it, or let someone else DM, but I haven't been getting that from you guys. Not the first time Thak entered combat with the odds against her. What went down was totally fair and completely unsurprising from my view. The dead unarmed illiterate merchant might take issue with 'totally fair' and 'unsurprising', but NPCs can think what they want.


Anyway, you guys row down the underground river. Let's just push the feeling on and move the game to the next station. You row out, and eventually come to a waterfall. You're at the bottom of it... there's a little dock, where you can stash the boat. There's a staircase carved into the rock- up you go.

You walk along the top of the waterfall, and alongside the stream that feeds into it. Soon, you come to a cave opening, to the outside! Out you go. You scramble alongside the rocks onto a beach.

Not too long afterwards, a ship appears. It sends out a longboat to shore. The Captain, Armstrong Burnsides, wonders where Jim is. You tell the truth, or part of the truth at least: the ghouls ate him. And can you guys get a ride? Sure, but only in exchange for the tranny porn. A deal is made.

The Captain takes you on board his ship, although you have to remain in the hold. You sail for a few days, and eventually arrive in Stygensport, the next major city. Stygensport, truth be told, is sort of like an outdoors Twilos, with better cops and more people. It's rowdy and rough, but it's actually a city as opposed to an underground prison.


Congratulations, you've escaped. 4000 xp levels everyone in each of their classes, here you go. You can take some time now to rest and train in Stygensport.

Az: 3/3 cleric/fighter
Dag: 3/3 cleric/fighter
Theo: 3/4 illusionist/thief
Thren: 3/3 mage/fighter
Tut: 4 druid

Paul, you're free to make whoever or whatever you like. 1st level of course.

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To keep things simple, I'll get in the rowboat too. I think it's a waste of time...did anyone see Castaway? In the game of small watercraft v. ocean, ocean wins. I thought TK was just mocking the ending.

Let's just settle this right now, are we going to keep playing, or should I be using my free time to read MSN.com?

If history has shown anything, it's that PC driven games go absolutely nowhere. I can remember maybe 1-3 storylines in the history of our tabletop gaming where a PC started a plot line and it finished in some sort of substantial manner.
  Big Fail For Open-Ended Gaming
So far we've got:

one PC in the rowboat
one PC headed back to Twilos
one PC dead and being eaten, probably later to become a ghoul

EDIT: make that two PCs in the rowboat. Started this post before Az completed.


I'm not sure the format for the second game (PC-driven, sans DM storylining) is working out so great. But we'll plug on.
I run like hell, hop in the row boat and help our thief row.


All right - looks like Thaka's dead. No tears until later, hey?

And - Theodore, KT - did you forget about the hive of dustmen we kicked up behind us? That might negatively impact our fleeing plans.
  Theodore Koppel
I also leave. I then:

1) Find a new continent.
2) Export it's riches to Gorgos.
3) Purchase an artifact of unspeakable power.
4) Employ this artifact to draw the DM into a trap.
5) Assume the role of the 'new DM'.
6) Give my self 10d00 potions and 20d00 rods, staffs, or wands.
7) G.O.

To kick off that plan, I begin by getting into the row boat. I tell my companions to hop in now, because I am going to start rowing.


I'm audi 5000.

I head back and try to 1) stay low to avoid dustmen issues and 2) try to find out where Stavros is. I also want to 3) repair the spider bot and 4) try and make some money. Lastly, I'd like to 5) find new adventures in or around Twilos.
  Now What?
From your posts:

Az, Threnody, and Thaka are/were in combat with Jim and the ghouls. Az, turning is a combat action. Thren, rushing in to try and help Thak and loot the shack (which is where this is all happening) counts as entering melee.

Dag, KT, and Theo all backed away.


Thaka, your ability to stay up at -13 or whatever does not allow you to flee combat at full movement. From your posts, you've made little indication that you wanted to kill Jim and then run away; you've talked hypothetically about potential for retreat, and talked about helping Thren find you. Too little too late. From your past actions, I've no reason to suspect you'd kill one opponent and then flee from the rest anyhow. You can retreat slowly, but the ghouls are big and fast and still bring you down. You bandaged yourself that round (the round they kill you) as your action anyway.

Arguing about the Darkness spell is irrelevant at this point.

Not trying to kill you here, and maybe there were ways you could survive, but nothing really came together. Continuing to argue about combat specifics isn't fruitful- you were put down to -6 the round you killed Jim, that's unavoidable, darkness or no. You then bandaged yourself. You can slowly back away, although that's not 100% consistent with your character, but it still doesn't matter- you killed the ghouls' friend, they chase you down and eat you. Even if Thren were to help you slowly hobble off, which would require changes to the darkness spell which are too complicated to sort out here, there wouldn't be significant gains in movement rate: I'd allow the ghouls to move and get partial attacks on you given your current speed relative to theirs. Net effect is likely Thren's death too.


Thren, the round Thaka drops to -6 is the round you cast Shield. The round you rush in to help her/grab loot is the round the ghouls kill her and the darkness drops. You are now surrounded by three massive pit ghouls. You grab the blanket of Jim's stuff and flee. Jim's loot is a lot lighter and more mobile than wounded/dead Thaka, which is why in one round, you can get it- it didn't move, anyway- and back up.

That's my assumption though... if you're set on helping/getting Thaka no matter what, please let me know.


Az, for your action, you try turning the pit ghouls. Nothing happens. They stop eating and turn their attention to you.

And yeah, that was Jim the Rapist, far as you know.


Dag, you're not sure if pit ghouls are intelligent NPC types interested in booze. They must have some sort of smarts. They're eating dead flesh. They're undead, in case it wasn't clear. Each is about the size of a bear. Each is naked and rotting, with gray skin, big claws and fangs.


KT, you guys *are* on the island. That's where this all goes down.


Theo, okay, you try to hide behind some stalagmites. Scratch scratch. You get two helms and a bardiche- that's 2 gp.


You guys all shed a little tear for your dead friend. Anyone want to fuck with the ghouls some more, or are you all fleeing? If so, where? Now what?






okay... major indecision.... I have edited this post four times now. I step backward when the lights go out. As soon as the darkness spell dies, I say we try to reason with these boys... Does anyone have any rations or booze that we can potentially bribe them with? Rob, are these fellas intelligent NPC types? like we could buy them off? or are they more like really nasty guard dogs that might just want a T-bone?

fan-fuckng-tastic. dustmen behind us, pitghouls ahead.... and our current hit points combined don't equal Thak at full.

so whats the theme for the next campaign? (snicker)
We've had people see in the dark in the past, including NPC's. If I can't do that then I would drop the spell, because otherwise I have no way to try and retreat, and I'd rather not die in the dark believe it or not. We have also played that I could move when in the hurt zone, so If Thren is there helping we could probably make good time. If I couldn't see in the dark I would also put the spell on the ground, not on myself. It would change it's use a lot. Either way If I heard Thren moving towards me I'd drop the spell, if it was on me and I can't see in the dark. If it was on the floor I'd leave it there, if I was able to help Thren find me. It's all rather complicated, but that makes sense with 3 pit ghouls, a party of 6 and a hobbit all stuffed into this rather small shack. Why does Thren need to roll init on that first round, when essentially everyone has gone except the party? heh, man. This is a messy railroad.
The Rapist Jim? Therapist Jim? Maybe he's helping the pit ghouls deal with their problems. "So, you hunger for the flesh of the living. Let's explore that for a minute. How do you feel about this hunger?"

I guess I thought Thaka's spell went down when she did, is why. Maybe Thaka's body (in armor - she's wearing a breastplate) falling to the ground and the sound of munching - not fighting - would cue me in? I'm just throwing something out there - trying to justify my character knowing potentially out-of-game info. Or, since I previously posted an interest in Jim's loot, maybe it's in the darkness, and when I go to grab it, I find Thaka's body.

Anyway - Rob, I'll leave the call up to you. And since the call you're making is an either-or decision - do I know Thaka's down or not - I'll run a couple scenarios:

-I know Thaka's down. I rush in, grab her, and run out. I know the rest of the party's gonna cut-and-run, and if I go down that's it. Then the going - and hopefully someone can help me with Thaka, and someone else has an idea for where-to-go. Seems our retreat's cut off, and we might end up being pursued by ghouls. But! That's for later.

-I don't know Thaka's down. I rush in and grab Jim's loot. Is it in the darkness?

--If no-Thaka-knowing and loot-not-in-darkness, I grab it and run back to the party. Then I wait for something else to happen - darkness down, Thaka coming out, Pit Ghouls coming out. We'll see what happens from there.

--If no-Thaka knowing and loot-in-darkness, I rush into the darkness and grab the loot. Maybe that's when I find Thaka's body on the ground, and grab it instead? If not, I pull what I can out - the whole blanket, if need be - and get out, and then wait as in the above.

Let me know if I should make any rolls.
Shit, Thaka's dead? And we're fighting pit ghouls? And to clarify, is this just some random Jim or is this THE Rapist Jim we're fighting? It's important... for science.

I'll try to turn the ghouls, BR 11. I have no idea how turning works. I'll figure that out.

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Hm. So we have 3 pit ghouls, and given their attack rolls for the next round, I'm pretty sure 1-2 more party members are going down. I'm positive these things will take the party out without much trouble. I do on average about 4 pts a round, and these things have decent AC.

I have no spells, spiderbot is down, and I don't have any especially useful items. I do have a lighter. Personally, I would just flee. I like KT and I want to keep playing him.

Reallyl the only thing I can think of is to try and set something on fire with my lighter, to try and make a firewall to keep the ghouls away. but it sounds like the only flammable things here are the hut, and I'm not sure if we can get to the hut, then set it on fire, then what?

I think we should try to flee to the island. I don't know what we'll do then? Hope the ghouls can't swim, hope the ship comes, and hope it will take us even though Jim's dead?
  Theodore Koppel
I am not sure how this is going to turn out.

However, I will tell you this: I don't fight the Ghouls. I feel sorry for Thaka. However, I've got no spells and stand little chance against these Ghoulies. Rats were hard enough. As much as Jim's name might offend, he was our ticket out of Twilos. Also, a heads-up would have been nice.

Thus, I step back out of the Darkness, and wait for things to resolve. I do my best to HiS, BR:63.

Hmm, I scratch my ticket. As a roll is likely in order, here's a d00, BR:26.

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Darkness, by the books, blocks infravision and ultravision. This is 1E PH. Nothing in the description of drow elves makes it obvious why they should see through a darkness spell. Doesn't matter if you cast it yourself- nothing in the books has precedence for being immune to your own spells.

This means that no one, not Thaka, not Threnody, no one, can see in the Darkness spell.

This means that no one *saw* Thaka go down, as mentioned in Table Talk. Your spell dropped when you died.

Being mute, Thaka cannot cry out either. You guys have one round to act, in complete darkness, with no auditory cues re: Thak's status.

If Threnody can explain how, in one round, she knows Thaka is down, and can reach into a 10' diameter sphere of inky darkness to find her silent friend, we can see how well that would work.

Imagine the situation. All of a sudden, the lights go out, Jim screams, you hear the sounds of pit ghouls gnashing their fangs. Casting Shield is perfectly reasonable. Anything you guys want to do, in the 15 seconds, plus or minus, that the lights are out- and you have no way of knowing when they'll come on- please justify if it requires acting with visual or (re: Thaka) auditory cues.

Also, if you're trying to save Thaka, please roll initiative. d10, modified by DEX.
If Thren grabs me while I'm not dead yet, on that 1st round of combat, I'll help her help me as best I can. I can go to neg 13. I'm concious and maybe the ghouls are happy eating Jim. I'll use dancing lights to try and mess with the ghouls, as my darkness area leaves them. I did take a NWP to use innates while down. Thak smiles weakly at Thren, a warm little smile in a 5' darkness spell. Con check to get moving with Thren's help? Well I missed and thats sad. I missed by 1% I have a 15/99 and rolled a 16 :( heh. We are still in darkness so Thren's ac is probably really good.
Fuck this noise. How many hp do pit ghouls have? More than one round of bow fire, I imagine. I mean, I hit pretty hard, but if I'm the only one here immune to the holding - them's bad odds. So!

When Thaka jumps in, I cast shield on myself. I figure some shit's going down, and I've got a spellbook. Let me know if that's too retconny.

Then when Thaka goes down, I jump in and grab her. I've got a decent strength, I've got a shield up, and yeah, I might get put down - but, whatever.

On the way out, if I can, I pop my last goodberry into her. It won't get her up, but it'll stabilize her, right?

Then I'm thinking it's time to go. I'm not sure where, but I'm going to pick up the elf and hightail it outta here. I'd like to grab Rapist Jim's loot, but only if it's not going to interfere with my Drow-retrieval mission. Cover me!
  Ignoble Ends
EDIT: To clarify two points. First, Thaka, Jim drank a potion after you surprise-attacked him, so he clearly wasn't dead. That 'round' only you get to act, as you caught everyone unaware. First real round you drop Jim, the ghouls knock you to -6.

Second, on being a cavelier, death and dying etc. As DM, I don't really want to editorialize here. I will clarify some points, mechanics, and rulings if you want, but my view of what it means to be a cavelier should be expressed only in terms of xp gaining as per UA (which, see below, is now besides the question). We can take it to Table Talk if people have philosophical trouble with the events below.


Thak, clearly the specifics of the Dancing Lights aren't critical here. I'm easy with the actual usage and casting of the spell, everything you've done with it has been fine, but that's totally irrelevant now.

Obviously we can retcon the next combat round if necessary. But if not, just to move things along, here's the next round.

PG1: 15, 15, 11- 2 hits
PG2: 19, 13, 2- 1 hit
PG3: 16, 3, 14- 2 hits

The darkness drops. In the light, you see the massive pit ghouls contentedly munching on Jim's and Thaka's bodies.

KT, the surroundings are fairly minimal. It's a huge cave, with an underground lake and stream. You're on an island in the middle of the lake (more like a pond). There's a dock, a rowboat, a bridge over the pond, and a shack. There is also the tunnel from whence you've arrived. There are lots of little side tunnels and good hiding places down here, for what it's worth.


I don't know, I don't see how that is very "cavalier-y." Attackign a guy just because of his name?

In Bloomington, there was a furniture store called Raper's Furniture. As far as I know, no one kicks his ass randomly. I think that's a chaotic and evil act. No formal charges, etc.

Re: the combat, I don't think we could kill the ghouls. They will take out 2-3 PC's next round, all of us except Thren are vulnerable to Hold, and with 3 attacks a round it's likely to hit.

I just don't think we can kill these things, I have no spells at all left either.
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